Sonakshi SinhaNew Delhi: Just as the hot relationship of dazzling Sonakshi Sinha and handsome Ranveer was budding, we already hear of their break-up. Strange, aint it? The couple is at loggerheads with each other now, and are not even talking with one another. After Ranveer-Anushka Sharma’s split up, Ranveer was heard dating Shatrughan daughter Sonakshi. Ranveer talks a lot, he is very talkative, and this has also troubled his relationships in the past. This time, Sonakshi told Ranveer several times, not to reveal their relationship publicly.

Ranveer is very simple and cant talk diplomatically. So despite Sonakshi’s warning, he could not help but leak out that he gels well with Sonakshi and that they are very good pals. This statement of Ranveer has created ripples in the industry, and Ms Sinha also got angry for this. The pair never talked of their relationship in public but it was evident they liked each other so much.

Both Ranveer and Sonakshi are newbie, so Sonakshi feels it to be wise that both should keep mum when asked what is going on between them. They are still building their career, and talking and praising about each other would not be a prudent thing. So Sonakshi always said that Ranveer is just a co-actor and nothing else. But seems Ranveer forgot Sonakshi’s advice.

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