Shatrughan SinhaPatna: Experienced and talented Bollywood Actor Shatrughan Sinha is apparently dejected by his daughter Sonakshi’s late night shoots for Shirish Kunder’s movie Joker and has actually given instructions to his daughter to come home before 1 am every day.

However few gossip mongers are saying that Sonakshi is not going home as per her fathers instructions of being home by 1 am.

It is said that the actress Sonakshi is happy performing and working late night shoots. The sources claim that the directors and producers of the movie are not aware of the instructions given by Shatrughan Sinha about his daughter reaching home before 1 a.m. Had they known about it they would have really taken utmost care and addressed the issue smoothly by making sure that Sonakshi is home by the given time. The director Shirish Kunder mentions this in front of the media.

According to the media, the director is hintless about the father daughter’s discussion. The director states that he is totally blank and does not know anything regarding this. He adds up to his statement that without knowing this fact they have actually been doing a number of shoots during nights only and also it has extended till early morning. The director mentions that the movie requires a lot of theatrical light which cannot be done during the day time. The sources say that movie is not yet complete and has quite number of shoots at night remaining.

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