Salman KhanNew York: Salman Khan is not doing well these days. He is suffering from nerve disorder named trigeminal neuralgia. So it was heard that Sallu will go to US for treatment of the nerve disorder. He was taken to the operation theatre which was in Los Angeles in a wheel chair for medication. It was midnight when he went for operation.

Salman consulted the physicians, who recommended that Sallu should immediately go for operation without any delay. Some coils will be used in his mouth to remove all the blockages in his mouth. The surgery is similar to heart operations. The operation takes usually not more than 5 hours.

Salman was suffering from severe jaw pain for the past few months. Though the actor and his family never disclosed that the star is ill, but only a week back, it came to media’s notice that Sallu miya is unwell.

Sallu is suffering from pain and spasms for nearly 7 years now. But after that, slowly the pain disappeared, again only a few months back, the pain came back, and this time it was unbearable. He could not eat anything too hot or too cold.

He could not attend the release of “Bodyguard” this Eid. He will be back to work with “Ek Tha Tiger” this month.

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