Red Chillies EntertainmentBangalore: Shah Rukh has received a legal notice from an organisation located in Bangalore. The complaint against Shah Rukh is that the superstar has stolen an idea worth Rs 40 crore from the company, and used the idea to launch a game to promote his new movie “Ra.One”. Its actually a mobile game.

But when asked to Red Chillies Entertainment, the spokesman said that they have not any legal notice from any company located in Bangalore yet. Its not new for budding companies to earn fame with the help of creating controversies by using the names of Mega-stars. But whatever it might be, Red Chillies have not received any legal suits from any company yet.

Shakir Aga, is the main person who claimed about his idea being stolen by SRK. Shakir told that it was in 2010, he talked with Lida Moghaghegh, about the game, and Aga even mailed the details of the plan to the Chief Financer of Red Chillies Entertainment, that is SRK’s company.

Red Chillies’ spokesman said that its Shakir himself who is saying all these, Shakir has got no evidences to prove whatever he is saying. So how can Shakir prove that the idea of the mobile game is his only. There is nothing to prove his point. And the spokesman said that if Shakir has made false allegations, SRK’s company is going to sue him for that too.

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