Rakhi SawantPune: The number one item queen has come up with a new experience now. Rakhi Sawant has come back to the headlines and says she wishes to insure her body parts.

Hollywood stars have convinced Rakhi extremely. The Hollywood beauties that have all insured their body parts influence Rakhi and now Rakhi wishes passionately to follow the footsteps of the American hotties.

Rakhi says she has all kinds of insurance for her life, accident insurance. Now it is time to insure her body parts precisely her assets like the other Hollywood beauties. She desires to protect her face, cleavage and her butt.

She is not sure if any insurance company in India will be in a position to help her in this case. She has no clue about any company who deals with insuring body parts. Rakhi is in fact ready to get in touch with the foreign insurance agencies and she is waiting to step ahead with this regard.

When questioned about why she was keen on insuring her body parts, Rakhi Sawant stated that her face, hair and few other body parts are the major source of her daily bread and butter. She also mentions that her body parts have offered her a certain image, thus she would wish to protect her body parts as good as assets to lead am undisturbed line of business.

Rakhi says she wants to lead a tension-free life after insuring her body parts.

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