Nikita ThukralBangalore: The Kannada Film Producers Association has laid the prohibition on Kannada Actress Nikita Thukral on Thursday again.

Sources claim that Nikita Thukral had been prohibited from the industry for three consecutive years for being the hindrance and reason for problems in Kannada Actor Darshan’s married life. However, few women’s right activists and Nikita Thukral were against the decision taken by the Kannada Film Producers Association. Actors like Shivaraj Kumar, Raghavendra Raj Kumar, and Duniya Vijay who were all very much assured that the reality cannot be hidden for long time and it will succeed supported them.

Sources say on Wednesday night Nikita Thukral was very upset and stated that she has undergone crucial bias because the officials had forbidden her from the industry. She gives an open statement that, she is not a person or identity who wants to be noted or famous through the discrimination done to her, she also adds up that for her everyone matter for that matter, family, friends or fans.

As per media sources, Nikita says it is a severe prejudice one on her and prohibiting her for a reason of which she is not aware nor the cause.

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