Mahie GillMysore: It seems that after so many years in the field of acting, lady luck has shown some kindness to Mahie Gill. Her film which was released recently named “Not A Love Story” have become a hit. Thanks to the controversies revolving the film and the statements made by RGV during the release and the making of the film.

Mahie is definitely ecstatic and she is getting a lot of phone calls and texts appreciating her work in the film. She is indeed awe-struck by all this! She is excited because not only her fans but also the critics have given great reviews on her acting prowess. Since the film had a shooting time of total 20 days, Mahie was not sure whether she would be able to do justice to her character.

But Mahie was a theatre actress before plunging in the big ocean of Bollywood. Thus she is used to such assignments which are strenuous and have a deadline. And in fact she said she enjoyed every bit of the film’s shoot. The cast and crew decided to shoot in the same location where the actual incident had taken place. And it was not so easy for the actress. She felt creepy! She used to feel nervous seeing the spot, and weird horrible things used to cloud up her mind.

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