John AbrahamPune: The first show by BIG CBS India’s Sexiest Bachelor enters into a grand achievement. Across all the English entertainment channels this show has enough brownie points to be in the topmost position in the ranking and it is a true-life show indeed.

This show’s main motive was to recognize India’s sexiest bachelor depending on the poll given by the public and audience. There was a celebration episode recently, which decided the winner. In addition, it was none other than John Abraham.

The other competitors in the show who participated and were with John Abraham were Abhay Deol, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Yuvraj Singh, Sidhartha Mallya, Saif Ali Khan, Neil Nitin Mukesh, and Virat Kohli. There was a hard-hitting combat and John Abraham won by a very close marking with the other contestants.

It was noticed that there was interesting competition among fans during the past few weeks. Public elected their sexiest bachelor based on the topics given and they were mainly on their brains, tattoos, girlfriends, dimples and much more.

This non-fiction show during the past few weeks entertained the audience and gave an extraordinary excitement into the lives of the competitors. John Abraham discussed his love and likes for bikes. People thought John to be at his best as they were drowned with his passion for bikes.

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