Imaad ShahNew Delhi: The young twenty four year old Star Imaad Shah son of Naseer is welcome for any kind of discoveries and research and development with art forms same like his father when he was in the seventy’s. Imaad Shah does not have the urgency to reach stardom. He has hurried to reach the rooftop bar close to Gateway of India in his tiny car only to enjoy his second victory of his recent less costing project named ‘Love puke’.

The youngster Imaad Shah states that he got proposals for many offers from huge production teams, but he actually refused and rejected all of them. He is not that comfortable with Bollywood he says. He mentions that he feels it to be not his part of place. He actually means that he cannot get accustomed to Bollywood or it does not suit him.

It looked that the Star Imaad Shah does not have any kind of urgency to do specialization in anyone art form. According to media, when questioned him what was his first preference acting or music, Imaad feels it is very tough for him to answer this question. Currently Imaad is known as a Star’s product that has the prospect to reach the finishing line with success. However, after few years public may lastly see him for the performer he is, with or without the limelight.

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