Dia MirzaNew Delhi: The beautiful actress Dia Mirza looks back with dissatisfaction of missing the privilege of attending the regular classes at college and roaming with friends enjoying the student life which is also known as golden life. Sources say Dia Mirza feels she is still a kid and she can never sacrifice all those njoyments in life.

Dia Mirza mentions that in her childhood days, she gave more stress to lead a life of her own by going out , roaming being independent and start working to earn her own money. She felt she had the satisfaction of financial matter. She also mentioned that she was not having any insecured feeling as she was earning for her own. Dia Mirza says every woman has to get this feel in herself. She claims she has missed the fun at college and friends but at the same time she has got the whole satisfaction and she cherishes those moments because it has given her a different kind of relief. She trusts that every human being in life has his or her own style of living where it changes for every ten or five years within themselves.

Dia Mirza says her first phase was by winning the glorious tag of a beauty queen and all of a sudden she performed so much and did well that she could herself not believe if it was all true and happening.

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