Don 3Mumbai: “Don 2” is set to release very soon next month. And here we came to know that talks are already on for the sequel of “Don 2” named “Don 3”. Ameet Mehta and Amrish Shah are already working on the sequel, writing the script of the movie. Its almost a trend now to do sequels of hit films, which are money churning machines. Producers and directors thus already plan for the sequel even before the prequel’s release.

Amrish Shah who is the co-writer of “Don 2” has told all these himself. Even Amrish said that “Don” was the biggest hit for him till date, so he thinks doing sequels will help him financially. Though it was Amrish’s dream to do his first film with Mr Amitabh Bachchan, and he even talked with Amit ji on a script, but despite the script being liked by Amitabh, he could not do the film due to certain reasons. So Amrish has now taken the help of Shah Rukh Khan to fulfill his dreams of making super-hit films and also to entertain the audience.

“Don 2” is going to be released in 3 dimension, and is also available not only in Hindi but also in Telegu and Tamil languages.

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