Candice BoucherLondon: The playboy model Candice Boucher claims that she did not much of hindi films and Bollywood when she used to stay in South Africa. Andshe is now doing her Bollywood debut in the movie “Aazaan” directed by director Prashant Chadha.

Candice states that she knew a little about Bollywood industry before working in this movie as she was growing in South Africa, she happened to watch few Indian movies telecasted on the television. Candice mentions that she attained quite some knowledge about the industry, that it looks very colorful, has is well known for dance and music worldwide.

One more thing to be learnt here is that the playboy model Candice Boucher accepts that she is a fan of Aishwarya Rai. She adds stating that she is not that well versed or does not have that good memory of the movie names currently but as far as she knows the actors who performed in the movie, she is a big fan of Aishwarya Rai.

Candice describes Aishwarya, as attractive and an awesome actress too. Candice says Aishwarya has not only made her luck in B-Town but also in Hollywood and speaks a lot about Ash. The twenty seven year old super model Candice said Aishwarya is a true diva, and we guess, Candice wants to step in Ash’s shoes! Good Luck Ms Boucher!

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