Aditi RaoMumbai: Aditi Rao was noticed mainly in the director Sudhir Mishra’s movie “Yeh Saali Zindagi” not only for her performance but also due to her numerous liplock scenes with the actor Arunoday Singh. Her Bollywood debut was with “Delhi-6”. Aditi Rao says she has absolutely no issues in performing any number of warm scenes or shoots.

It is said that the shoots related to all the kissing were entirely genuine in the movie “Yeh Saali Zindagi” and very natural to the movie. Aditi says if the purpose for which the scene is shot is not a dishonest one and is done with honesty, then neither the viewer will feel bad seeing it nor the actors will be feeling guilty to act it.

Aditi Rao speaks to reporters about performing liplock scenes in a movie. She says that when there is a true need of such a scene in the movie and the film makers have failed to insert it, then public will think there is something wrong with the cast and crew of the film. They will actually start thinking which generation these people are from.

So Aditi Rao says at few occasions it is actually compulsory and if it is done good it is very nice to watch and it is fine to perform. She also mentions in front of the media that she will no more have any problem in performing such scenes.

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