Sonam KapoorPune: Fashionista and glam babe, Sonam Kapoor has one new feather added to her hat. These days, she is busy toning up her curvaceous body with the help of Yoga. All thanks to bikram yoga, she has been able to attain a body to die for. Sonam also quipped that, her father, the ever-green handsome hunk, Mr Anil Kapoor’s secret of looking so dashing, is bikram yoga, and Sonam finally followed her dad’s fitness trend. This is what we call a daddy’s girl!

Now whats this Bikram Yoga? Let me tell you in short, its a yoga session structured by yoga guru Bikram Choudhury, with 26 yoga postures. This form of yoga is also known as hot yoga since its practised in a room which is more than 40° C hot, with almost 40 to 50% humidity.

Sonam’s extra glam and sexy look, is due to Bikram Yoga. And her ever-young dad, Anil Kapoor, who still manages to set girls hearts on fire, has been taking the help of yoga, for the last two decades, to remain fit and young.

Sonam before debuting in B-Town was an overweighed lady, with ordinary looks. But she gradually transformed, into the beautiful diva of today. Presently, she is shooting for ‘Players’ and her upcoming film ‘Mausam’ is soon going to release. She will be seen this time, opposite the heart-throb of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor.

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