Anushka SharmaMumbai: Ranveer singh is the most capable bachelor now in tinsel town. The actor describes his past in a brief. He began as an assistant director and he denotes that period to be the hardest period in his life time for which he had full support and cooperation of his family members.

During that period he struggled and worked 24 / 7 equally gaining excess weight. He then started working out and proposals started showering from goodproducers and he just waited anxiously for his big break.

Situation went worse during the hard period and there was recession simultaneously. So he was affected to the core. Even his family was not financially comfortable. He repeats saying his family was always by his side, whatever may be the situations.

Ranveer singh has graduated from Indiana University USA. Ranveer says there is nothing much to talk about both of the lovebirds that is himself and Anushka, but in fact he finds her to be so adorable.

Singh states, he is not the right choice for Anushka , He also feels some other co-stars are much better than him, and has to be given a chance to do share screen space with Anushka. And he means Anushka is capable of someone superior to him. He adds up to the interview more information and knowledge on Anushka’s professionalism and her acting. Ranveer concludes saying he has got no problem in doing a bedroom scene with Anushka again as she is a very cooperating co-star.

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