Priyanka ChopraNew York: Priyanka Chopra gets a another quality added to her list. Henceforth she can be addressed as Priyanka Chopra “actor and singer”. Ms. Chopra has finalized a recording contract with an international music company and will very soon making her debut in the music field.

Priyanka was overwhelmed with joy to express her happiness that her long lasting dream has finally become a reality. She updated it on social networking webistes , it was a remarkable day for her she mentioned. Priyanka adds up saying she will also write songs along with singing.

She is actually a trained western classical singer and had long time dreams of being a singer. She has come into few other contracts with Universal Music Group and Desi Hits company. It would be an English Album and released all over the world.

Priyanka had more interest towards music than films initially and is now very excited and also positive of her new album. The actress says she is pretty frightened but also happy at the same time. She is expecting a lot of support and cooperation from the public because she is starting a new journey altogether.

Priyanka will release the debut music album in North America and other international markets as a part of the international deal.

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