Minissha LambaMumbai: Good friends, Sagar Bellary and Minissha Lamba have turned foes these days. The actress has worked with the director, Sagar Bellary in ‘Bheja Fry 2’ and is currently working with him again in her next movie, ‘Hum Tum Shabana’.

Apparently the director has been bad mouthing Minissha and accusing her of shooting for the promo of ‘Bheja Fry 2’ behind his back. He has even threatened to cut of her scenes from their next movie ‘Hum Tum Shabana’, in which Minissha plays the lead role.

The shocked actress retaliated by stating that the director’s outburst is because he is at loggerheads with the producer of the movie Mukul Deora. Apparently they have been having problems with each other all throughout the making of the movie and the director is making her a scapegoat and dragging her name into unwanted controversies. She cleared the air by stating that she acted in the music video just because the producer asked her to do so.

She also went onto say that though her role in “Bheja Fry 2” was very small, the only reason she agreed to do it was because Sagar was her friend. As an apt director she expected him to be more professional. She feels there is no need to confront the director and she has already spoken to the producer who is miffed with Mr. Ballary too.

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