KBCMumbai: Manjeet Singh, CEO, Multiscreen Media that includes Sony TV as its ancillary, narrated that KBC – 5 enriched with the presence of Big B, was, in the previous year, among the most popular TV shows. His creative thinking, expertise and unusual innate ability had played an outstanding part in pulling people from belittled places and the show, this year, is expected to take the channel’s TRP up to a significant level of success.

Mr. Bachchan, recalling his experience in meeting various people coming from different strata in the last year, is in accord that there is a caboodle of unexploited talent in the littler cities.

The producer, Big Synergy Media has come up this year with a revised system announcing the greatest possible prize of Rs.5 crore along with a vast multitude of advanced and new refining. This year, the telecast of KBC -5 is scheduled to start from 15th August. It has also extended its focus area by introducing a new slogan ‘ Koi Insaan Chota Nahi Hota” meaning every human has got dignity of his or her own and thus no one is inferior to other.

The channel has decided to even alter the time schedule of the show from 9 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. with an objective to catch more and more viewers.

According to Sneha Rajani, the top official of the channel, the show happened to be so demandingly popular last year that they are pleased to bring back the show within a span of just nine months and this year they promise to provide audience with evidence of moral and intellectual advancement. The show, which will be continuing for 14 weeks, has been endowed with unique themes and special episodes.

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