John AbrahamMumbai: John Abraham has maintained his own set of rules. He does not intend to dance in weddings, does not get into any award functions and is not used to alcohol and cigarettes. Irrespective of however he is forced or offered. John has been carrying on with these set of rules from the initial stages of his career. In a wedding party of a Diamond merchant who was basically from Delhi, John was proposed to dance and the offer was 6 crore which he refused.

John states that he does not feel it fair to inform where he gets the offers from but he has been getting many such offers since he began his film career. He also states that the difference over the period of time is that his appearance has been changing frequently and the prices also have towered frequently.

John Abraham informs the media that he has been told by people that he is not doing a good thing by refusing such offers and losing a large amount of money, but still he is not ready to accept it nor perform in ceremonies like that. He repeatedly mentions that he does not wish to attend any programme or functions as a principal or chief guest. There are many things in his dont’s list he claims.

He adds up saying it is solely the choice of an individual to decide to perform at functions, award ceremonies, weddings etc.

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