Hema MaliniNew Delhi: Bollywood stars, especially heroines are always under the scrutiny of fashion police. And even the slightest mistakes, are not overlooked! This time its none other than the Dream Girl of Bollywood, the evergreen and beautiful, Hema Malini. Hema ji does not make a lot of public appearances, but whenever she does, she steals the thunder. She is a continuous threat to other Bollywood actress, young or aged.

She was spotted in India International Jewellery Week 2011, on the second day. Nisha Sagar, who is the better half of director Anand Sagar, designed a royal blue saree for our dream girl, which Hema ji was wearing that day. Nisha and Hema ji were seen having a great time together, as they are good friends for a long time.

But amidst all this glitz and glamour of Hema ji and the jewellery show, Hema ji’s chappal’s caught the attention of many. They were more like slippers, to be worn for bathrooms, and were torn. The footwear was completely a shock for the viewers, and it was totally a mismatch with the elegant look of Hema Malini.

It might be so, Hema ji wanted to feel comfortable, so chose to wear such footwear. But we would like to request Hema ji to kindly think of the viewers more than her own personal comfort. Audience wont be wanting to see such ugly slippers worn by one of the most beautiful ladies.

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