Preity ZintaNew Delhi: The Bollywood actress Preity Zinta invited stunt Hero Akshay Kumar. He is her first guest in her new chat show, which is yet to be started on the new channel of UTV called UTV Stars.

Preity is innovating few new things nowadays. She came out with her chat show immediately after her debut in her home production as a producer. Preity Zinta is occupied streamlining stuffs in her own way. Confidently her friends are giving a hand to her too in her newest ventures.

Akshay Kumar and Preity Zinta are excellent mates. The actress is contented that Akshay took some time out from his busy schedule and walked in to accompany Preity on her chat show.

Akshay and Preity did a few movies like “Sangharsha” and “Jaanemann” in which they both acted together. Nevertheless, the films did not pass with excellence on the box office, but the actors developed into wonderful associates.

Information says that Akshay and Preity were like best buddies on the show. Apart from Akki’s personal life, Preity also asked her good mate a few questions on his personal life and he cooperated and answered patiently. Akshay was an absolute gem in the chat show.

In the midst of all, the most important magnetic centre in this chat show will be Preity’s sporty look, which is ought to be cherished by her fans.

Preity is yet to name her chat show. It will be telecasted on UTV’s new channel called UTV Stars. This chat show of Preity will be the first and foremost show to be telecasted on the channel soon after going live most probably on August 27th.

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