Ranbir KapoorPune: Ajay Devgan, mentions particularly that he does not wish to collide the release dates of his upcoming movie with any other that is already decided to release on November 11th. Particularly the movie that is decided to release on November 11th consists of a group of people whom he knows personally. He claims that he has no intention to conflict for the release dates.

His forthcoming movie, ‘Tezz’, which has a star-cast of Anil Kapoor, Kangna Ranaut, Boman Irani, and Sameera Reddy, was organized to let go on November 11. As Ajay Devgan got to know the information that, superstar’s Ranbir Kapoor’s long awaited movie is also set to release officially on the same date, Ajay decided to make way for Ranbir’s movie without any conflict.

According to information gathered, Ajay called up the producer Ratan Jain and informed him to postpone the release date of the movie ‘Tezz’. Ranbir’s acted movie was already decided to release on November 11th , so Ajay thought it is advisable to move his movie’s release date than asking the other one to shift.

Ajay has built an excellent bond with Ranbir ever since ‘Raajneeti’ and did not wish to have a conflict with him. Ajay is sure about changing his movie’s release date instead of instructing others to do so.

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