Yana GuptaMumbai: The babuji gal in the buffalo has now turned the salvo to something completely different. While great actresses have there wax monuments build making them immortal, Yana Gupta’s panty less portrait has been immortalized in the canvass of artist Pranava Prakash. Gone are the times of Leonardo-da-Vinci when he brought to surface bare emotions in the eyes of Monalisa.

Now are the days where a chic bare body is made eternal and also appraised, especially in a country like India, where even walking hand in hand makes news. Well talking of India there is not much news about how it has been received in the media, but definitely it has won accolade by Yana. She seemed quite pleased and called it a master-piece of art.

Though, she seemed reluctant to buy it. May be showcasing her own body in the drawing room of her house would make her feel shy. Whatever is the reason, she has also praised the artist for its originality and Yana doesn’t seem even a bit annoyed by this bold attempt of the artist.

Yana even wrote back to him flattering him for his effort. Well it seems we have unquestionably passed those days were girls were ridiculed and tormented for everything that they did not do. And talking about Parvana Prakash, he undeniably had some really sharp idea in his mind when he made this painting.

According to him he wanted to present the world of page 3, where people prefer to flaunt their body out of vogue, while the poor people lack even the nominal clothing.

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