Sweet LimeMumbai: When the world is whirling under the influence of various scams and panicking assessing what’s next, our film makers are making people realize what wealth we posses and spending it magnanimously over sweet limes. Yes that’s the new story now.

While Shah Rukh Khan spent over a hundred cores on Ra-one, Rajesh Mapuskar spends 500,000 over getting sweet-limes for a song sequence called life in the movie “FERRARI KI SAWAARI”. Money is flooding in from everywhere. The shooting was taking place in Mumbai, and crew suddenly was inflicted with the shortage of sweet-lime availability due to off season.

But money speaks as we all know, and therefore within no time enough sweet limes were arranged to make the shooting happen once more. It seems the arrangement of sweet-lime was very important because the song tries to compare the sweet-lime with life, great symbolism! Even more interesting than the song is the story which deals with young father’s attempt to fulfill his son’s dreams.

We just hope that Sharman Joshi who is doing the lead in this movie, does not just get nominated for supporting actor, but gets best actor award this time, after all he has proved his mettle before also. And hopefully this mausambi funda works for him.

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