Sushmita Sen MarriageMumbai: Ad-filmmaker Manav Menon, film personalities Randeep Hooda, Vikram Bhatt and Sanjay Narang have one thing in common amongst them. They were all dated by, rather dated, the one-time beauty queen-turned actress Sushmita Sen at some point of time or the other.

After having come out of all these relations and leading her life on her terms, the former Miss World has managed to remain at a distance from the institution of marriage. On a number of occasions she refused any one to take a peek at what was in her mind about marriage. She went on to adopt a girl child in 2000 and early last year she fostered a three-month-baby girl and adopted her too.

Now she feels is the time she can spill the beans about her marriage. Speaking of it she declares that as and when it happens the whole world will come to know of it. She is also confident that the world will join her in rejoicing the moment. She however hastens to add that she is yet to make up her mind who the guy would be and how she plans to share her life with him.

For the present, the actress is busy tending to her two girls and the man (who ever he is ) must wait for some more time to burst into the scene.

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