SRK in Don 2Mumbai: The dream project of Shah rukh Khan finally hits the celluloid with much grandeur but not withstanding criticism. The much awaited and anticipated movie of the year could not have been more legally criticized before people actually finds themselves falling for the movie.

The recent crash comes for the film when the teaser poster announced “the return of the king” echoing the very words of SRK in the last series of don ” I am the king”. Well never mind the criticism, good things are always cynic. But nevertheless the looks of the movie are complementing with high borne declaration from the Don himself the looks brings about the feel of some hollywood movie like JAMES BOND may be.

This is already a thrilling experience for the audience and who cares about the criticism if it is SRK banner movie nobody can put his name down. All the more the movie has been much in the air even before the makers actually planned for DON 2. And with the recent one of Priyanka and Sanjay Dutt to do cameo, bang who cares for the critics. We have all tied our seat belts to see the the superhero.

Now the final wait is only for five months as the movie releases on 23rd of December.

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