Sonakshi SinhaMumbai: The dashing beauty of Dabangg, Sonakshi Sinha, has weighty issues haunting her again. A complete foodie, Sonakshi, found herself out of the much talked about role in Kamala Hassan’s upcoming movie ‘Vishwaroopam’. While the actor refuted the news citing delay in the start of the project to be the reason, the producers, however, denied it retorting that it is the ever increasing weight of the actress that was of concern and the prime reason why she finds herself not fitting the bill.

The producers stated that the film was high on action scenes and for that they required someone with an agile body. But Sonakshi in spite of being given enough time to slim down was unable to do so within the stipulated time frame.

Sonakshi herself admitted that she is an out and out food lover, and cannot control her urge most of the times. But with tough competition from all quarters, Sonakshi probably cannot afford to lean back.

All that the actress needs is some amount of grit and determination and not give way to humble cravings which are likely to impede the upward trend of a growing career. And the actor needs to hurry up and cash in on the success of ”Dabangg”, and do it soon before people starts forgetting her!

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