SinghamMumbai: No more of “GOLMAAL” stuff anymore, Ajay Devgan is all set for his new look in “SINGHAM” his upcoming movie due to be released this month on July 22nd. Well many must have thought this look resembled of Devgan sahab and somewhat resembles Chulbul Pandey with the same khakhi vardi and glares with golden frame, but audience can be assured that this one is nothing like that, this is a brand new deafening, boisterous though definitely accentuates “DABAANG”.

Ajay Devgan has been highly pleased by the trial show of the movie, as it was a different hit after a long time. Though we all did see him doing stunts but “SINGHAM” is all together a different mania. The reason for such a success can also be accredited to the friendship of Rohit Shetty andAjay Devgan that dates back from 1991. They have been together for movies like “Phool aur Kaante”, “Suhaag”, “Pyar toh hona hi tha”, “Golmaal” etc.

This eternal friendship is definitely the reason why Rohit placed his confidence on Ajay for the movie “Singham” and the results are worth seeing. Before the curtains have actually been raised the applause is thunderous. People have already liked it. And Ajay is weighed down by this rejoinder. Now lets see what the critical reviews have to say.

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