Aamir SalmanMumbai: SRK’s ‘Om Shanti Om’ was a landmark film for many reasons, besides being a super hit. It was probably the last time we saw the big three Khans together. Salman, Aamir and SRK grooved merrily to the title track, with absolutely no inclination what the future had in store for their relationship.

Soon after, the infamous episode at Katrina’s birthday occurred. No one knows till date what happened. But it destroyed the warm camaraderie between two gentlemen. SRK and Salman have sworn that the bridges between them will never be mended. Soon polarities developed. Aamir moved towards Salman and alienated himself from SRK. The camps were defined and battle lines had been drawn.

Aamir has developed the habit of throwing success parties. It is a different thing that whatever he touches turns into gold and he has a reason to celebrate almost every month. Last month he celebrated the 10th anniversary of ‘Lagaan’. This month, it was the turn to celebrate the success of his latest film ‘Delhi Belly’. Given the status of warm friendship between Aamir and Salman, it is surprising that Salman was not invited to Aaamir’s party.

On being quizzed, Amir smiled it off and said that it was private party only for the cast of the movie. Besides, Aamir felt that Salman would be busy with his fiml ‘Chillar Party’. Excuses, excuses Aamir. Not inviting friends is just not done. What say Salman bhai? The ball is in your court.

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