Sajid KhanMumbai: It would have been very inappropriate if Sajid Khan would have thought about marriage long back, well that’s not because he had a sister to take care of, but because it seems a tradition now to hold all your passions to the sticking place, until you reach forty and above. And once you reach the limit of forty “BANG” you have the gal of twenty. Must say love stories these days are mostly superannuated. Leaving behind the circumlocution, let’s come to the point.

Remember the sweet, charming girl of “JAANE KAHAN SE AYI HAIN” none other than Jacqueline Fernandez is now with Sajid. He did make an amazing choice. And for Jacqueline it is more of a bold and brave hunt. Well this is the new fuss all about. And going by hear ‘n’ say she is Jacky bhabhi now in the sets of

“HOUSEFULL 2”. Now we can expect to see “Jacky bhabhi” precipitate in the silver screen really soon. May be more often in the films produced and directed by Sajid and choreographed by, Farah would make it look more like a family picture. Oh by the way, Farah knows all about his brother, and is quite supportive.

Well what else is she left to do, when his brother has already turned forty. At least, he found somebody. Let’s see when it all becomes legal, and people can actually talk about it openly. Till then my heart felt wishes for the couple who found their love finally and suddenly.

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