Rakhi SawantPune: While everybody keeps on hiding their secrets regarding different surgeries, Rakhi Sawant is different and bold out of all, she aired how silicone implant have made her nights sleepless and she got rid of it. Oh god what a kind of lady she is? Always on hype, break-ups, club kiss, swayamvar, C-strings, and now artificiality implanted gets aloof, detached. Well she is on top.

All the other beautiful ladies should learn something from her. Calm down beauties, I am not talking about the ‘boldness’ she displayed. I am just pointing out to the fact the one should avoid doing such surgeries, well obviously modern gals don’t have that much guts to speak out the truth, then the world would know that the whole body is antic and with some bulbs lighted here and there to make it look bright and colorful.

Statutory warning: going onto the names of such beautiful personalities is injurious to reputation, so just let’s keep shut. And talking of Rakhi, when she has already taken the big step to remove the filth from her body then why not try some yoga rejuvenation also, and make some money through it, after all Shilpa Shetty also did thes ame. Good luck Rakhi.

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