John AbrahamChicago: Split of any relationship is always traumatic leading to name-calling and passing on the blame to the other. Looks like John Abraham is going through this phase after his split with the dusky beauty Bipasha Basu. He seems to be taking out his frustration on Kareena Kapoor, though.

The ongoing war of words between John Abraham and Kareena Kapoor got murkier with John certifying Priyanka Chopra as hotter than Kareena Kapoor (Bebo). The hunk is shooting off controversial statements against co-stars after his split with Bipasha Basu recently. His latest diatribe against Bebo has created stormy ripples. He seems to care little for other’s sensitivities and equally about the consequences.

John endorsed the Punjabi kudi Priyanka Chopra as a perfect symbol of style and sexiness clubbed together and is notches above Bebo in this regard. John seems to be sulking after Bebo commented on his lack of acting skills. While speaking in a chat show, Bebo dismissed John as a “blank face” when it comes to acting.

This could have triggered John to blurt out brazen comparisons between Kareena and Priyanka. Let’s wait and watch what Bebo has to counter to this odious comparison. John must be beware of atirade, more so as he does not have the company of Bipasha to cool things for him.

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