PriyankaToronto: Priyanka Chopra, the hot Bollywood actress, with so many hit films in her books has been going some emotional tantrums due to her professional setbacks in the movies like ANJAANA ANJANI and 7KHOON MAAF where the box-office rates her as an under-performed artist. Just after 7KHOON MAAF she takes the role in AGNEEPATH as a sex-worker’s daughter striving hard to leave behind her past.

Again in BARFEE she performs a challenging role of a mentally challenged girl with a lot of rigorous practice. And the several metamorphosis in the character of Kunal Kohli’s movie and once again facing Shahid Kapoor before the camera with whom her relationship is under constant scrutiny in the professional world has left her disheartened and emotionally broken for which she needs a break from her world of stardom for two weeks and be present in the film awards ceremony in Toronto,US.

It might be felt by the professional world that she is an escapist who can’t accept challenges in her life.But her deep-rooted realism is only for her soul-searching needs which she thinks she can do only if she takes a break for fifteen days and be with the family in US and visits her friends there. Her independent and fight-back spirit is reflected here. Her undeniable statement that her most trust-worthy friend and emotional supporter is Shah Rukh Khan during her tough days makes her all the more pleasant.

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