Poonam PandeyDurban: With such a bottle-shaped figure to boot, Poonam Pandey feels she does’nt need clothes. After all clothes are meant to cover up and this bikini-loving girl will have none of it. She shot into limelight after offering to strip before the winning Indian Cricket World Cup team.

The Controversy’s destiny child declares that she is comfortable in the teeny weeny bikinis and is proud that her images are being downloaded by people with utmost eagerness. Poonam is happy that her MMS clip in bikini is doing rounds and is eager to meet the person who made the MMS – for, she claims, it was really well made.

And regarding her offer to the Indian Cricket team, she says that she has already shown half of her curvaceous body and the other stripping is just around the corner. And Poonam declares brazenly that she neither has the time nor the patience to wait for another four years for the Indian team to win the Cricket World Cup again for her to complete the other fifty per cent of her promise.

Poonam is all smiles when she says that she rejected 31 film offers in a short span of 45 days and that a Telugu director most recently offering her an item number dance. She declares that she will not compromise to work in smaller production houses and is aiming to hit the bulls eye right away.

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