Poonam PandeyMumbai: With the surfacing nature of the audience, says Poonam the hot actress, (remember the one who was hyped just some 48 hours before India won the world cup, who promised to go nude on the d-day) that she is developing too. Well we did not see her living up to that promise. So Poonam what’s next?

A new era would have set in had she kept her promise that time; and evidently we could have seen people with enlightened minds. But unfortunately it did not happen. And still she insist on the fact that people has developed taste for stories with contradictions. So therefore she came up with her whooping demand. She says 2 crore is too less for a talented model like her to go bare on a national TV.

May be that’s the reason she let go the world cup. And besides she does not wanna be Reality Queen, she dreams big and is expecting a call from Salman Khan, who has been the reason for brightening up many lives in Bollywood, and also thinks that she has that beginner’s luck which at least worked for actors from Dabang, Om Shanti Om, Band Baaja Baarat.

Hopefully she gets a call very soon, at least after such a remark. She also seems pretty sure that she has it in her to prove her mettle.

Well Poonam please do that because just stripping scenes won’t take you long. And even 2 crore will be exhausted one day.

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