Piggy ChopsNew Delhi: Priyanka Chopra the self declared fan of SRK is now to do a cameo for the much anticipated movie Ra-one, his dream project. The chemistry that is seen between these two extremely talented actors is par superlative.

Not only just on-screen but off-screen also, they are seem to gel together as best buddies. Be it in Zee Cine awards or in the IPL, they always seen in smiles, cracking jokes, pulling each others leg. And surprisingly they both think each other to be best actors Indian Cinema has produced in recent time.

Srk approaching Priyanka for the cameo was a boon to her,making her speechless in delight. These two will be back in the silver screen together after DON 2, supposedly a long break for their fans. Going by what is in the air, there is a long romantic scene that would be acted by these two, with added stunts on Priyanka’s part making it more desirable. Let see how the movie unfolds itself, with the best cast. SRK’s Ra-one seems to be a bag full of surprises.

And it’s not just Priyanka who is for the cameo but also Sanju baba in action. Hopefully it has all the zing to make the movie a big success and if not then with a combo of Shahrukh-Priyanka, a movie is worth watching.

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