Neil DeepikaBangalore: The lovely Ms Padukone will surely be flattered. Apparently, she is breaking more hearts in Bollywood than the movies she has on hand. Recently gossip mills were abuzz with closeness between Deepika And Saif in London, much to the displeasure of Kareena Kapoor. The latest dude to be smitten by Dippy’s charms is none other than Neil Nitin Mukesh.

Neil and Deepika worked together in Yash Raj Films’ ‘Lafange Parindey. The chemistry between them was sizzling and set the screen on fire. They have a good rapport and are comfortable with each other.

At the moment the relationship status of both Neil and Deepika is unclear. Neil maintains that he is ‘just friends’ with Asin, who has apparently moved on after the success of ‘Ready’. While Deepika is in a steady relationship with Siddharth Mallaya, the young man gives her a lot of grief with his flirty ways.

So Deepika may be at a place where she would welcome attentions bestowed on her by others to just prove a point to Siddharth.

Neil recently stated that he would love to date Deepika if she was single. In fact he confesses that he would be the first guy at her doorstep with roses.

How romantic is that! But later he backtacked, saying that Deepika is a very dear friend.

Maybe Neil was not sure how young Mr. Mallaya would react to the statement and decided to take the easy way out. Tough luck Deepika, no roses for you.

Siddharth, if you are listening, you may want to inject some romance in your love life or you may be left with no love life at all.

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