Maria SusairajMysore: Ram Gopal Vema (RGV) has the knack of being in news constantly. A couple of days ago he was talked about for his apology to his leading lady of “Not a Love Story” for making her act out a tempestuous love scene. Now comes the reason for his latest– his insistence to cast Maria Susairaj in one of his forthcoming movies.

Maria was recently out of jail after a Judge found her guilty of suppressing evidence in a murder in which, she was initially charged for abetting the murder. Maria has walked out of jail after having completed her three years term during the trial period itself. RGV is firm on casting her in his movie and says that it was his second nature to make movies out of headlines-making stories.

He defends his decision despite a bunch of workers of a political party staged a protest demonstration outside his office in Mumbai. He also offers a plea that the Judiciary has absolved of her involvement in the crime as was vindicated by the court judgement.

And he adds that it would be a fallacy to label Maria a murderer when the courts found her to be otherwise. He also, to be on the safe side, sought additional police security though he insists he was not shaken by the protests.

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