Mallika SherawatNew York: What is this lady thinking about, only god knows; well I am talking about none but Mallika Sherawat. The sexy chic of Bollywood, wonder what she is thinking? Well she is thinking of getting herself in an international video. Great steps are taken, wondering whom is she trying to follow.

Oh! Bipasha Basu is it? Who recently played a short part in Jay Sean’s song ‘Stolen’. Or maybe I am using the wrong word ‘follow’ may be an ‘inspiration’. Well whatever it is, she really wants to hit the international screen this time and sounds a bit of desperate as her agents have taken a tough job of setting her up right there calling her “The hottest Indian actress”. BRAVO!

This phrase makes me wonder what are the agents of Deepika, Priyanka, are actually doing. Buck up people buck up, this is no time to sit down and just think. It’s proper time to act. And on Mallika’s part she is acting really well. She has already been phoning music directors and has elucidated her desire to be a part of the west culture and how excited she is. We just hope the music directors are equally excited to have her.

After all this is no snake dance. But we love you Mallika no matter what you do and how you do.

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