Mahie GillMohali: How many of us are actually aware of an actress named Mahie Gill? Well if we aren’t then here she comes to make her presence feel by sometimes intimate love scenes or may be sometimes embarrassing Ram Gopal Verma. That is what wise men call perception. She is the same award winning gal, best actress debutant for ‘DEV D’.

There is no need of raising the eyebrows, as there are already many eyebrows raised and one serious head down. This head is definitely of Ram Gopal Verma. Though, at first he found it easy to work with her. She understood the script very well going with the flow of the movie involving her, deeply in the character that later on took the toll of embarrassment.

The movie is about Marie Susairaj; the one who was held culpable for death of the TV executive Neeraj Grover. Knowing what this women Marie Susairaj is who could blame Mahie for her intimate bold extravagant acting. We just need to sympathize with RGV, who is all most at the age of 50, might be feeling discomforted, and surely he seemed to have apologized to Mahie quite a number of times, for making the girl go through all the sexy adult scenes. He also added that re-takes made the situation more vulnerable for him.

We surely understand what a nice-breaking task re-takes can be in such situation. Well the most interesting and my concluding lines would be while the re-takes made RGV leave the sets, Mahie seemed to enjoy it thoroughly saying its part of her job and there is no need for Ram to act contrite.

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