Madhuri Dixit NeneMumbai: While we see one actor Salman Khan disturbing the ecology by killing the Chinkara a rare species, we see the other actress Madhuri Dixit doing a great service on her part for the preservation of the same. She has been chosen the brand ambassador for a fund raising scheme, for the preservation of Asian elephants and tigers who are in the state of extinction.

Being the brand ambassador she seemed to understand the grave situation of the endangered species and laments the fact that how humans are responsible for encroaching upon the lands that belonged primarily to these species. She also dint fail to highlight the inhuman way in which human desires like building roads, setting up industries are met at the cost of the loss of habitat of these species, and of course the others also, but since they are not yet put to question lets keep shut.

Human-elephant conflict is very high in India. By her observation what she objectively wanted to point out was that there is an urgent need to build barriers or walls and demarcate the land for elephants and humans. Though she is not wrong in her surveillance, she is late.

This reflection has already been made long back. And since she is not an activist, we can’t ask of her to go on a rampage for these animals. But nevertheless her involvement in this project may lead, many to lend their ears to her and enlightened more Indians about the situation.

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