Mallika SherawatNew Delhi: Kamal R Khan leaves no stone unturned to be on headlines. Starting from the days in Big Boss’s house, he has managed to leave the audience awe-struck! This time, its Mallika Sherawat, who has been an instrument for KRK to remain popular among the masses.

Mallika Sherawat has been receiving accolades for her thumkas in the item number ‘Jalebi Bai’ from the flick “Dhaamal 2”. Jalebi Bai, is receiving hundreds of notes congratulating her for her success in the sensuous sizzling number on her social networking account. Mallika also never forgets to thank her admirers.

But amidst all this, KRK appears on the scene, and he offered our Jalebi Bai, 2 crore of rupees to be the female lead in his upcoming movie. KRK also added that, if the movie fails to garner good revenues and is pitted, then Mallika would be receiving another sum of 5 crore. Now that was a big deal for Jalebi Bai. But the gorgeous girl, did not care to reply back to KRK.

Now whether we will be seeing KRK and Mallika together soon, is certainly a big question and is in dark. But fans of KRK and Mallika, will be anxiously waiting for the Deadly Duo to pair up soon!

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