Amir KhanMumbai: Aamir Khan, the perfectionist actor, producer and director has a huge fan following. He has recently added another fan from the film industry itself. The new self confessed admirer of Aamir is none other than director Ram Gopal Verma.

Ramu has always courted controversy because he does not keep his opinions to himself. Just some time back, there was friction between Ramu and director Karan Johar, when Ramu disapproved of Karan’s film making style.

Aamir’s latest film ‘Delhi Belly’ is a super success. The film has elicited praise from all quarters in Bollywood too. However Ramu, as his nature goes, chose a unique style of praising this film. As per Ramu, after the success of a film “Delhi Belly”, Aamir deserves to be called God, because only God could have taken a subject like ‘Delhi Belly’ and made it into a super hit movie. This is beyond the scope of mere mortals. Ramu says that audiences are lapping up the film because Aamir is associated with it. According to Ramu, people in India may well not believe in God, but they trust Aamir completely.

Ramu confesses that an aethist himself, he is willing to believe in Aamir now. What is interesting is that Ramu has not yet seen the film as the subject matter is not as per his tastes. Seeing how popular the film has become, he now regrets the decision.

Don’t worry Ramu. Aamir may organize a special screening just for you. After all, God fulfills all our wishes, right?

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