MumbaiMumbai: Katrina Kaif is now out again on a house hunt. Her flat on Waterfield Road in Bandra is presently in a deplorable condition. The flat, which is otherwise beautiful, is messed up due to leakage problems. The rooms in her apartment are all filled with damp patches on the walls and her living room ceiling made of glass and wood is leaking water.

The living room, out of all the rooms, is having the worst condition of all and the other rooms are also not looking very good. The heavy leakage of the ceiling and the damp condition of the walls has made the rooms moist, cold and gloomy. It is good that at least her bedroom is saved from this leakage mishap.

However, with the monsoon season at hand, it has become essential for Katrina to look for a new apartment. This is not the first time that she had to run through the trouble of getting a suitable place to live. Earlier she had been helped by her co-stars Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor but this time it seems that she will have to go through the turmoil alone. Unfortunately with her busy schedule she hardly has got any time now and her movie commitments hardly leave her with any time to do the essentials.

However, it seems like she needs to herself a good real estate agent to solve her apartment dilemma at least before the next monsoon season.

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