JacquelineColombo: Move over Mallika Sherawat and Bipasha Basu! The Sri Lankan sizzler Jacqueline Fernanadez is the new siren on the block. None other than the Bhatts (Mukesh and Mahesh) have certified her to be a more hot property than the two erstwhile ladies who scorched the screens in the original “Murder” and “Jism” respectivey.

The Bhatts are pretty confident that Jacqueline would be the girl to be watched who is all set to occupy the super-star status. Mahesh Bhatt says with surety that Jacqueline is naturally gifted with sensuousness and it will be a cake walk for the Sri Lankan to enact her oomph role in Murder 2.

 The Bhatt duo who take the credit of gifting Mallika and Bipasha through their earlier films are literally singing praises of Jacqueline. And the script of Murder 2 is tailor made for the sassy Jacqueline to show case her anatomy coupled with histrionics.

Mahesh Bhatt, the originator of the “Murder 2” quips that the movie was planned with a high dose of eroticism and that Jacqueline has certainly lived up to the character with her natural grace and sensuousness, overthrowing the likes of Mallika and Bipasha. Well, let us see how true the words of Bhatts turn out to be.

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