Indian SuperheroMumbai: The Indian super heroes are now walking hand in hand together, well that’s a good news but they should not be mistaken to be “Spider-man and his good associates”, the SRK and Hrithik Roshan duo are coming together not to eliminate and fight against the evil but, ironically for footage.

Apparently thestory goes as: SRK is suppose to spend some huge, huge sum on making his superhero image fall right at the place. Going by hear and say SRK has already been endorsed by Hrithik Roshan as the new super hero face. The Roshan khandan has already paid a visit to SRK’s ” Ra-one” and guess what; lured by the Hollywood looks of the movie they asked the entire team of SRK to give their KRRISH 2 an ‘spiritual’ and ‘digital’ outlook. Well that sounds huge, even bigger than huge.

What’s next to see is, was the money well placed or not. And talking about king Khan, he does’nt seem to be much worried about any competition. In fact he seems to be really happy with the approach and ready to held anytime. Well we just hope,their friendship becomes a cliche for the next generation with a tag line “ye dosti hum nahi todenge” and becomes a source of inspiration to many more that are yet to come. Hope the money and the jodi works out well enough in the BOX-OFFICE.

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