Imraan HashmiNew Delhi: Imraan Hashmi, the prolifically busy actor working all almost all through the day, wishes for a short break to feed his accelerated emotion for cinema. The actor supposes that a short respite with friends and family after the completion of the shooting that is currently being done with Vidya Balan, would give him some momentum to score more in Bollywood Box Office. Goa, the land of famous orchards and water, is his destination as he has a house of his own there in the smallest state of India.

Hashmi’s first film was released in 2003.Thereafter his sputter for gaining prominence in the Bollywood Film Society continued to walk across many flops and flips. Imraan had to loiter from “Footpath” to “Jannat” while Raghu took about five years to become famous as Arjun Dixit. Hashmi’s journey from “Footpath” to “Jannat” pulled him in a huge popularity as he got the title of serial kisser.

Now, it does not seem that there is hard-day-life anymore for Imraan, particularly after his appreciatory role in ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbai’ which is a Box Office Hit. Though Hashmi proclaims the appropriateness of undertaking a short trip to Goa to gear up his mind, yet he says that staying awfully busy with his works and keeping all the commitments are equally important for him as he never wants to stop chasing his passion for doing different films like Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji’ fetching mountain of appreciation from the audience.

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