GeneliaMumbai: Talking of trying to grab eyeballs, Pandit Bhagwat Guruji seems to have been successful to an extent. He pompuously declared that he married off Genelia D’Souza and hunk John Abraham at a wedding shoot of the film “Force”.

Producer Vipul Shah is not pleased though. He strongly refuted the claims of the Guruji saying that it was too far fetched to imagine that the two were married at the shooting of the movie. He said that thousands of marriage scenes were enacted in Bollywood and it was strange that Guruji tried to pass it off as an authentic marriage. He accused him of trying to garner his place in the sun through such publicity.

Shah thundered that he will not let anyone point such accusing fingers at the lady of his movie. Reports said that the Guruji has pronounced John and Genelia as husband and wife at the end of the shoot.

Spokesperson of Genelia too rubbished Guruji’s claim terming it as bizarre and eccentric and regretted that just because a person was present at the film shoot he was trying to attract attention by spreading such canaries.

Relax guys, for the present Genelia D’Souza is single and probably ready to mingle!

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