Emraan Hashmi WifeMumbai: See it from the eyes of the world and you always see it critical. The same has been the case with Emraan Hashmi. The world has always been cynical about his work. But that did not stop him; he did the same over the years and no matter what he has been enormously successful.

Starting from “Footpath” and “Murder” to till date “Murder 2” he has been more involved with the labyrinthine and obscure world of the underworld. He has almost exemplified a genre of work which exclusively belongs to his. And with Gods being at his side, he has been successful in this. With the world opposing his work at first, now seems to go with the flow. And for Emraan miya it seems he believed more in himself than the detractors, and why not when he has a loving family to support.

His better half is better in judging his movies than any other censor board; she had been accommodating all these years. Had it not been for her support no Indian husband would have able to do such intrepid, audacious scenes before the camera. Well that’s a cliché, which is at work in India. And basically the “Indian wife” has nothing much to say but be supportive, when they have already taken the marriage vows, and with a one year old son Ayaan, who doesn’t have the slightest idea about his daddy’s work.

Well whatever it is, the fact cannot be denied that it is these movies that made him, gave him a path to follow from obscurity to popularity.

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