Delhi BellyNepal: Imran Khan’s new movie ‘Delhi Belly’ which has already garnered rave reviews both for its catchy tunes and profane lyrics, is shelved with a censor bar in Nepal. Nepal’s Film Censor Board has objected to the obscenity of language in the film and a brothel scene featuring Imran Khan.

The censor board feels that in order for the movie to be released in Nepal, the brothel scene has to be cut but the cuss words need to be muted as there is no need to censor entire scenes. Although the authorities in the movie theaters are optimistic that the film will be ready soon with all the necessary changes being made there is yet no sign of completion of these changes.

The Gopi krishna multiplex in Kathmandu was raided on Sunday under the command of the district administration when Nepal’s Film Censor Board objected that the movie Delhi Belly had a lot of foul language and that the distributor did not censor them before releasing the movie for Nepal’s theaters.

Although the theaters are going through monetary loss due to Censor Board’s fuss over ‘Delhi Belly’, it is expected that pirated copies of the movie will hit the Nepal markets soon and will be quite popular with the local crowd.

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